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Ilian Garnetz

Ilian Garnetz — violonist.



Ilian Garnetz


Winner of the Tibor Varga International Competition Switzerland (2008), the Queen Elisabeth Competition (2009) and David Oistrach International Competition Moskow, Ilian Garnetz is one of the most promising violinists of our time. “…Ilian Garnet is a very attractive, mature artist; a violinist who has a perfect technique, a large colourful tone, explosive temperament and artistic charm which always evokes sympathy of the audience,” said Igor Oistrach about him.

Born in St. Peterburg and raised in Chisinau/Moldova, Ilian Garnetz took his first violin lessons from Galina Buinovschi at the musical lyceum C. Porumbescu in Chisinau. He gave his official debut at the age of ten with the Chisinau Symphony Orchestra.

He continued his studies and graduated at the Academy of Music in Chisinau with Prof. B. Dubosarski and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki with Prof. Alexandre Vinnitsky. Ilian completed his violin education at the Royal Conservatory of Bruxelles with the famous violinist Prof. Igor Oistrach.

From the age of 11, Ilian Garnetz won numerous prizes at international competitions as f. ex. the Jeunesses Musicales International Competition, Bucharest in Romania or the International Violin Competition Kloster Schöntal, Germany.

He has been invited as a soloist to many festivals and this year he plays at one of the biggest festivals in the world, the Enescu Festival Bucuresti. He also performed with a number of conductors all over Europe, the Middle East and the Far East, including Christof Escher, K. Kawamoto, G. Varga, Misa Katz, J. van. Zweden, P. Goodwin, C. Mandeal, Gh.Mustea; M. Secichin; C.Florea; A. Samoila; V. Sirenco; O.Palimski; V.Doni; V. Verbitzki; V. Matchavariani…

In 2010, Ilian Garnetz has made a Schubert-Ysaye- Brahms recording for the Fuga Libera Label with pianist Alina Bercu. This CD has received the Cle d’Or in France and the Golden Label in Belgium.

As a truly committed musician and a representative of his country Moldova, Ilian Garnetz received the official title “People's Artist of Moldova.”


-2010 - Cle d'Or for CD in France.

-2010 - Golden Labels for CD and Recitale in Belgium.

-The Republican Prize for Arts - 2009.

- 3rd Prize International Queen Elizabeth Competition, Bruxelles, May 2009

-1st Prize at the Nuri Iyicil International Competition for Violin, Istanbul Turkey - October 2008

-3rd Prize at the D. Oistrach International Competition for Violin Moscow, September 2008

-1st Prize at the “Tibor Varga” International Competition for Violin, Martigny, Switzerland July 2008

-Grand Prix at the International Shabit Competition, Astana, Kazakhstan – November 2006

-Grand Prix at the International Violin Competition, Astana, Kazakhstan – October 2006

-4th Prize and Special Prize for virtuosity at the David Oistrach International Violin Competition, Ukraine - March 2006

-2nd Prize, M. Elsky International Competition, Minsk, Belarus - 2003

-Golden Medal at the First Delphic Games, Moscow, Russia - December 2000

-3rd Prize, VIII International Competition H. Wieniawsky, Liublin, Poland - September 2000

-Grand Prix at the International Instrumental Performing Competition Paul Constantinescu, category E Bucharest , Romania, April 2000

-The Romanian Musical Critcs Union Prize Mihail Jora 1999.

-The Romanian Cultural Foundation Prize for 1999

-Grand Prix, International Instrumental Performing Competition “Remember Enescu” Bucharest , Romania - November 1999

-1st Prize and Special Sonder Prize, International Violin Competition, Kloster Schontal , Germany - August 1999

-The Chisinau Municipal Prize for Arts 1998

-2nd Prize at the International Instrumental Performing Competition, Brashov, Romania - November 1998

-1st Prize at the International Instrumental Competition, Belarus-March, 1998

-3rd Prize and Special Sonder Prize, International Violin Competition, Kloster Schontal,Germany -August,1997

-1st Prize, International Instrumental Performing Competition, Brashov, Romania, April, 1996

-1st Prize, International Instrumental Performing Competition, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – June, 1997

-1st Prize at the Jeunesses Musicales International Competition , Bucharest, Romania, May, 1995

-1st Prize at Jeunesses Musicales International Competition, Bucharest, Romania, June, 1994

-3rd Prize at the International Instrumental Performing Competition. Brashov, Romania, May, 1994

-1st Prize and Special Prize at the National Instrumental Performing Competition, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – June, 1993

-1st Prize at The National Competition for piano and string instruments organized by The Union of Composers of Moldova, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – March, 1993

-3rd Prize at The National Competition of classical music. Chisinau, Republic of Moldova – November, 1992

Master Classes

... with Y. Menuhin, C.Florea; Ed.Gratch; J.Cursllo; I.Frolov; St.Gheorghiu; S.Propiscean;; G.Croitoru; K. Barati; P.Vernicov; R.Szreder; P.Munteanu; S. Lupu; R.Totenberg; A.Iampoliskii; K.Mardirossian; Ed.Wulfson; H.Shaham;; D. Schwarzberg; N.Fichtengolts; A.Bogdanian; A.Musahadjaeva; V.Pikaizen; I. Numminen, V. Spivakov, A. Vinitskii, M. Katz


HE PERFORMED with a number of orchestras, including the Chisinau, Moscou, Kiev, Mensk, Bucharest, Cluj, Istanbul, Zurich, Odessa Philharmonics, National Chamber orchestra of Moldova, Prague Chamber orchestra, Slovac Simphonieta.

Perfomance with conductors

Christof Escher, Gh.Mustea; M. Secichin; C.Florea; V. Sirenco; N.Tatarinov; N.Dohotaru; O.Palimski; V.Doni; A.Bojonca; I.Vainen; M.David; M.Agafita; I.Rotila; O.Balan; O.Popa; R. Luther; Iu. Gamalei; I. Numminen, I. Palkin, , I. Tkacenko, Misa Katz, A. Samoila, V. Verbitzkii, K. Kawamoto, G. Varga, J. van. Zweden, P. Goodwin, C. Mandeal, Ed. Graci.


Romania, Belarus, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, Germany, Kazakhstan, Spain, Holland, France, Austria, Ukraine, Finland, Switzerland, Turkey, Portugal, Belgium, Slovacia, Czech Republic, Cyprus.